When it comes to reducing fire risk and giving people enough time to get to safety, it’s not just the physical building design that makes the difference.

Icom are one of the few companies putting their expertise and know-how of fire containment techniques to the test in critical and challenging building environments. With access control and network expertise, the company can offer the complete package.

It can be as simple as filling holes in walls, inserting specialist seals or installing fire doors, but all play their part in helping to slow down the advance of toxic smoke and flames, allowing time for people to evacuate or move to a safe zone elsewhere in the building.


Firestopping is an integral part of fire protection engineering, preventing smoke, gas and flames from spreading through gaps between walls, joints, floors and ceilings for up to an hour.

It’s the kind of preventative work that may be flagged up in the detailed report we prepare as part of our Fire Risk Assessment, which businesses need to complete by law.

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