Detecting a fire quickly, alerting the people inside the building to the potential danger, can save lives.

Icom are able to provide design, installation and commissioning, in accordance with British Standards regulations (BS5839:1 2013), ensuring your chosen system is compliant and your building, staff and visitors are protected.

The systems we offer meet BS and EN standards and come complete with fire and fault monitoring, head removal plus short and open circuit protection.  They include the following:

Addressable systems

These are standard on larger premises with digital displays featuring zone and device information, allowing fire fighters and response staff to immediately see the exact location of the alarm.

Aspirating systems

These are used where smoke or heat detection is not effective or where early warning or greater protection is required, including atriums, lifts and warehouses.

Fire suppression systems

These are used to detect and control fires in system critical locations, including datacentres and computer rooms, LV and HV switch rooms and generator rooms.

Fire Systems

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